Surf’s up!

October 7, 2014

We had fun working with the guys at Anns Cottage (Lifestyle Independent of the Year again! Well done!) on their HD webcams! OK, so putting them up in the middle of winter wasn’t one of the nicest jobs they’ve ever given us, but the result was worth it! There were a lot of interesting technical challenges along the way that our experts got their teeth into. Getting the four 1080p HD streaming Surfcams with tidal time and height tracking running 24x7x365 was a world first. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to do a 4K camera, next, so all of those poor, overworked city folk in their suits can sit in their 40th storey offices looking through a virtual window at a live shot of the Cornish surf! Technology really can be cool! In the meantime, check out that view… (Webcams at the top of the page)